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Запрошення до участі у міжнародному дослідженні

Шановні Колеги!

В теперішній час МАГАТЕ проводить дослідження по використанню КТ для пацієнтів з COVID-19 пневмонією.

Деталі в оригінальному листі від МАГАТЕ наведено нижче.

Просимо Вас взяти участь у даному дослідженні. Для цього потрібно завантажити 

інструкцію та робочу таблицю.

З повагою, 

Виконком ВАР

Dear colleagues,

I hope this email finds you well and in good health.

 The Radiation Protection of Patients Unit of the IAEA is pleased to announce a new IAEA Study on use of CT in patient with COVID-19 pneumonia.

 You are invited to contribute to this multi-national study aiming to get an insight into the practice of use of CT in different countries from radiation protection of patients perspective, and identify practices with a potential for optimization. We aim also to publish a paper/papers with results of this multi-national study.

 You can use the attached Excel form for collecting data and providing your feedback.

Please first carefully read the INSTRUCTIONS in the corresponding worksheet.

If you have more than one CT scanner, please make a copy of this file and fill separate form for separate scanners. Name each file in the following way: “Your country_City_Hospital_Scanner”

For each scanner, fill in the information in the worksheet “CT scanner information” and answer the questions in the worksheet “Survey questionnaire” selecting an answer from the dropdown list.

Provide information on 10 patients with COVID-19 infection over a period of 4 weeks since their diagnosis or first CT for COVID-19.

You can provide retrospectively or prospectively collected data.

 Your data will be analyzed by an IAEA expert team under the scientific guidance of Prof. Mannudeep Kalra from MGH Boston, USA.

There is no limitation, or requirement, on the number of CT scanners to be included: you can report data from only one CT scanner, or include as many hospitals/scanners as you can.

Please feel free to forward this invitation to other colleagues who might contribute to the study, especially from hospitals involved in COVID-19 response.

 We would appreciate receiving your feedback by 26 June, 2020. Please send the properly completed and named forms to the IAEA coordinator of the study Ms. Jenia Vassileva, j.vassileva@iaea.org.

 Please do not hesitate to ask if any clarification is needed.

 Best regards,


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